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Single Moms Need Love Too

Marquita Henderson

Growing up in a two-parent household, I never imagined myself as a single mother. And of course, I wanted the

same for my children. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way we want. Statistics say as a young, black

female, chances of being a single mom are very high. Like many others in my same demographic, I had my first

child when I was a teen still learning who I was as a person. Because I didn’t know who I truly was, I fell for

someone who treated me as if he was confused about my worth. Then, nearly four years later, I fell for another

man – this one a little better than the last as a person, but he still wasn’t right for me. Regardless of my

circumstances, I’m doing the best that I can, and because of it, my three children are healthy and happy. Here I

am a single mom doing the best that I can to show them the true strength of a woman.

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Why Not Me

Sidell Britton 

Why don’t I smile inside

Like I smile outside?

Why is my heart full but empty too?

When I look in the mirror who am I? What do I see? Do I love or even like me?

Too tired to stop the thoughts from playing over and over in my head .

Depression is real, but who would have known that happy me would have it too? 

Pain starting to kick in. Im not getting out of bed. Oh no! It feels like the flu that won’t go away.

Why me? I asked. Why not you, my mind said .

God came to me one bright sunny day and said

"Girl, if you don’t get up and out of this bed."

Getting my mind back day by day.

4 months later it left just as fast as it came .

Depression might have had me for a few,

but my Faith in God brought me through


His Beauty My Ashes

How God's Grace Saved Me

Bonnetta Simmons 

BY THE TIME I WAS THIRTY YEARS OLD, I HAD already suffered through numerous abusive relationships, a nervous breakdown and by then, I’d been battling depression all of my life. I was not raised in an abusive environment, but somewhere along the way, I grew to accept that type of behavior.

I grew up in a home where the church was a place that we spent every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. I now understand that I did not battle mental illness but I now look back and realize that an assignment from hell was sent to push me to the edge of my sanity.

And then, one day, Jesus spoke to me in a very loving voice. He reeled me back to Him. That was the day I decided I wanted to know more about God. I knew who God was and had heard about Him my entire life. But I lacked a personal relationship with Him. I needed Him and wanted to draw close to Him. He reminded me at that very moment that He had never left me. I was always safe in His arms and He welcomed me back with open arms.

I vividly remember the moment God called me back to Him. I was at a shut-in with the women of Remarkable Women. This journey with these women was nine months of intense soul-searching and discovering who God has called me to be. It has been an amazing journey that I continue to relish every day. Each day I’m discovering more of God and His love for me.


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Tiffany Dillard 

I had been told that my beauty wasn't good enough.  I was so broken by the fact that his measurement of beauty said that I didn't meet the requirement, but I felt I had to meet his standards. I felt that if I met his standards,  his love would wrap its arms around me and love me forever and better than ever before. But the measurements were increased and there were more requirements and no acknowledgement of the changes that I had made in an effort to be what he wanted.

But God saw the changes. He saw me becoming someone that He had not called me to be. I didn't understand why God would question me about these changes because I was trying to improve myself for my husband. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? God told me that I was fine the way that I was. The way that He created me. He said everything He created is great and full of beauty and that included me also.

He taught me that if a person cant see the beauty in themselves they cant see it in me either. He said I'm being measured up against the same requirements that he had been measuring himself. God took my brokenness and loss of identity and began to reveal to me day by day , month by month who I am. He introduced me to myself and His standard which is that I had been fearfully and wonderfully made!