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Journal Prompts

What You Affirm Grows

This is so true! I have had many personal experiences, both good and bad with this. Be careful what you affirm. Be very intentional with what you say and do. It matters!

What will you start/ stop affirming in your life?

Pull out your journals and write your thoughts.

Journaling As A Tool

As a Holistic Wellness Coach and a writer, I can tell you that writing can be one of the most healing experiences in a person's life. Writing can help you to release the emotions attached to your experiences, mentally process a solution and get to a healthy place. This is why I encourage my clients to journal daily.  It can truly be life changing if implemented consistently.  

I also help clients who desire to go a step further, to create best selling books that will help others to heal emotionally, reduce life stress, and live a life that they love!

What is Going Right?

Things can get overwhelming real quick, especially nowadays. Having an attitude of gratitude can help you to stay positive and motivated as we face uncertain times. So, lets focus on the positive. What is going right in your life right now?

Write down all of the things that are going right that you are thankful for.