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Let's Shake the Money Tree!

How many hours did you put into writing your book? How much passion went into it? How much of your gift, did you put on those pages? 

It's time to get paid!

If you're like a lot of my clients, you're probably saying "I just want to help people." That's wonderful! However, how can you help them if they don't know that you exist and what is wrong with making money while you help? Why is money a dirty word to "helpers"? Throw that idea away and let me help you to get paid for your work!

Monetize Your Message

In this program you get two personalized sessions with me. These sessions total 2 hours of proven strategy to creating platforms for yourself and monetizing your book through multiple streams of income. This is your chance to finally see, your work being recognized, your goals for your book being accomplished and being able to put that publishing money back in your pocket (and then some)!

This is a one time payment!

View the full 6 week program

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