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For Business 

"Believe In Your Purpose" Book

 & Coaching Session 

A Guide to Becoming a Successful Purpose- Driven Entrepreneur

Get the tips and tools shared during my coaching sessions in one book! Use this guide to identify your purpose and monetize it creating wealth for yourself and your family. Become the lender and not the borrower! 

In this session, we will map out your business plan with strategies that you can implement immediately.  At the end of the session, you will be clear about your next steps and have an outline for the direction of your business. 

Believe In Your Purpose
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Who have I worked with? 

I have worked with many types of business owners including bakery owners, child care center owners, coaches, speakers, writers, cleaning companies, nanny services, personal chefs, makeup artist, painters, moving companies, interior designers, real estate agents, car salesmen, web designers, party promoters, travel agents, MLM distributors, etc.