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This conference is for anyone who wants a wildly successful book launch!

Friday July 14, 2023


Where Do You Want This Book to Take You?

 We will focus on strategic marketing that helps to establishes you as an industry leader and expert on your content, which produces sells and more business.

Monetizing Your Book

I'm going to break down 10 ways that you can monetize your book creating more revenue, a bigger platform and more books in the hands of readers.

Self Publishing

We will discuss the self-publishing process and the difference between this and traditional publishing. 

Get Booked!

In this session, our focus will be utilizing your book to create platforms for your brand and getting paid speaking opportunities.

Saturday July 15, 2023


Writing a Compelling Book Description and Memorable Bio

A carefully crafted book description is key to getting your message out there! It can mean the difference between a book that stays on the shelf and one that is wildly successful! Get all the tips to get this right and practice your own during the session. Sign up for a 20 minute meeting of the minds to have your book description and bio critiqued. 

Structuring and Outlining Your Book

Get the tips that my clients say makes the writing process 10x easier. Creating an outline for your book will eliminate writers block and keep you on track to complete your project. In this session, you will learn how. We will also talk about structuring your book in a way that will give it a unique look, setting it apart from others.

Write to Inspire 

Connecting with your audience is most crucial in achieving your desired outcomes. Creating content that allows that connection to form and grow is going to be key in getting dedicated readers. Learn how to skillfully share your message in a way that leaves readers wanting more, creating a platform for your next book!