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Shanni Talks Blog 

Step Away From the Detox Tea

June 2021

Somebody is going to be 😠 because I’m about to mess with your whole weight loss plan, but I’m going to help you anyway. These “teatox” mixes that everyone is throwing back everyday could be harming you. Let’s be real for a sec. What are you told from all of those companies selling detox tea? They tell you to maintain a more healthy diet and to exercise while detoxing. Why? Because that’s how you lose weight! It’s not the freakin tea! The tea will cause you to lose water weight running to the toilet, yes. The rest of it is all in your head. You’re drinking the tea while eating better and being a little more active and 💥 boom! The tea worked! You lost 5 pounds.

Check out these other points that might make you question our friendship (if you’re addicted to detox tea).

1. There’s a reason why you practically have to set up camp on your toilet while teatoxing. A lot of those mixes have the same ingredients found in laxatives. That’s how you end up with a flat stomach. You’re emptying yourself. Remember, water weight. Eat one slice of pizza or drink one soda and the weight comes right back, unless you use products (containing laxatives) long term.

2. Laxatives aren’t meant to be taken long term. It says so right on the laxative box. On your next trip to CVS check it out for yourself. Yes the detox tea packets does say to use for just 5 days or so, but even that’s a lot and most of you aren’t sticking to that anyway. Be honest. You lost 3-5 pounds, got excited and took that tea all month.

3. You can achieve the same result in a way that is much healthier for your body and will actually make you feel better too. Be intentional about what you eat. Consume mostly what your body needs and sparingly those things that you just can’t live without such as ice cream and Oreos (we’ll deal with your sugar addiction in a different post). If you really want to be a rockstar, get active. Walk during your lunch break, dance around your living room, play basketball with the kiddos.

Whatever you do, stop damaging your body with long term use of this detox tea stuff!

Wellness Starts In the Mind

May 2021

The mind is a battlefield, right? There are tons of scriptures to support this and you likely know most of them. So, why aren't you winning this battle yet? If you're like most women with a ton of responsibilities, including children, a husband, a business, church, work, school, volunteering and saving the world, you may find it difficult to take time to focus on you. It may seem super far fetched to think that you could steal a moment to work on your own mess, especially the renewing your mind stuff. The issue with this is that, our mind is where our wellness starts. So, if we aren't dealing with our minds and the things running around in there, we are not well.

As women we often carry the load of caring for everyone and everything before ourselves. Other people and what they may need are always on our minds. In many cases, this was taught, even if indirectly by watching the people in our lives. Yes, it may make you feel good to do for others and to make sure that your family is well taken care of. You know what would also put a smile on your face? I bet a nice massage or long bath would do that too! So would a pedicure or mini shopping spree. See, now I'm just naming stuff that I want to do, but what I really want you to do is practice habitually getting quiet by yourself and focusing on what you need. Come up with a plan to start your business, write your book, eat better or exercise more, pray, listen to worship music or songs that just put you in a good mood, or simply be still and quiet and not think about anyone else.

In order to accomplish anything, we have to first see it, visualize it. This happens in our quiet time. We become excited. motivated and hopeful. Then we can make it happen. It will result in us being able to live a more fulfilled life that we love. Get rid of negative thoughts that can so easily weigh us down. Replace it with what God says and follow His instructions to bring it to life. Otherwise, we get worn out and dissatisfied with where we are. We may even resent those whom we have spent so much time investing in ahead of ourselves. In this state of mind, we aren't functioning at 100%. We are literally no good to anyone if we aren't first good to ourselves. Lets break this bad habit by slowing down more, being present in our own thoughts and incorporating things that fill us up. No more attempting to pour from an empty cup.