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Sisterhood, Friendship, Empowerment 

This anthology project is about sisterhood, friendship and empowerment. Its purpose is to promote women working together to achieve more! We will share how we have bonded and grown with other women and how those relationships have added to our lives. We will also share how we navigate friendships, forming true sincere relationships with other women. The message that we will share is one of support for our sister in her times of need and applause in her moments of celebration. This book will continue the sisterhood movement and help change the way that we relate to one another!


  • You get to become an author without writing an entire book all by yourself
  • You will have the full support of a writing coach from the beginning of this project until the end.
  • You will be able to print and sell the book as much as you want with no pressure or requirements to sell.
  • You get to be a part of something big to include speaking engagements, workshops, events etc.
  • You will maintain copyrights to your own work

Prefer to Start Your Own Project?

Oh, this is just a smart move! 

An anthology is a smart move for you if you  have a message to share, but don't want to write a whole book on your own or you just really want to capture the perspective of others to make your book even more interesting!  It can create various platforms for you that can grow your business, expand your audience and  put some money in your pockets! $$$ Let's secure the bag! 

 An anthology is a collection of writing pieces from various authors, usually about a specific topic compiled for one book. As the anthology manager, I would walk you through the process of making this happen and get you on your way to earning from your book!  I also provide writing coaching to your authors.

The best part is that there would be no cost to you to get the ball rolling! Ask me how! Schedule time to chat about it today! I am happy to help! 

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