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Adoption is a Gift to the Child and the Parent

As a college graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education and 20+ years of experience working with children in educational and family services settings, still I wasn't completely prepared for the challenge of becoming an instant mother to 2 children. My children were 6 and 8 when I first met them, and guess what, it was not the beautiful moment that I had envisioned. There I was, so excited to meet them, with my heart on my sleeve, and they barely looked at me initially. 

What I had not considered...

My children had been in foster care for most of their short lives. They were bonded with their foster parent even though; she wasn't the model parent and they had been let down in so many ways before I had come along. So, they were not all that excited to meet me, another person who might let them down too. The beautiful moment that I was hoping for, was not my reality in that first meeting or for a few more to come. We have an abundance of beautiful moments now, but that took work and commitment!

So, you thought it would all just happen?

Bonding with Your Child

Setting Expectations for Home and School

Creating Routines

Things could be easier!

Adopting older children is not for the weak! For me, it was a bunch of sleepless nights and tired, stressful days until I figured it all out. Now, I support newly adoptive parents to get to a place of peace in their homes, where they can naturally bond and create memories with their children.


I've put in the work!

I have a degree in Early Childhood Education

I am a certified 

Family Wellness Coach 

The foster care system is

 literally trying to clone me!

I've worked with Head Start, Early Head Start, Various Private Schools, Child Care Centers and Maryland State Department of Education

Coming Soon!

Financial Planning for Children

Who doesn't want to set their child up for success? We all want our children to have the advantage in life, right? The way to accomplish that financially is through life insurance with living benefits. Watch your child's money grow as they do! Securing their financial future with funds that they can use without penalty after just 10 years or continue to watch grow. It's their money!