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About Shannon

I am a best-selling author and speaker, who has helped countless clients to produce successful books, creating multiple streams of income. I have traveled the country and been on countless stages teaching my strategies and discussing my books to various audiences, but I have a heart for women entrepreneurs. From that love for these women, my first book was birthed "Believe In Your Purpose" This book was designed to help women realize their purpose and turn it into a successful business. 


Current Projects

The latest book that I am personally preparing to share with the world is "When I Decided It Couldn't Wait" This book is a guide to getting all that God has for you as a single woman, including children. As a keynote speaker, I share this message with women all over the world stressing the power in reaching your life goals. For many, this means, even without a life partner. I was once stuck in a waiting phase. So, I understand the inner struggle. We were taught that you get married and that's when life happens. I was going to start a business, purchase a home and have children, when I got married. One day I woke up to the realization that I had to do those things without this mystery man. Then, I did! The waiting game was over!

I have 2 beautiful daughters, who are the driving force behind everything that I do!