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Hello!! I'm Shanni

Nobody is just one thing. We all have a multitude of skills that we can tap into in order to live in our fullest potential. I am the perfect example of that. I'm a best selling Author, international Speaker, certified Health Coach and Writing Coach in Washington, DC.

Clients come to me for various reasons, but they all want the same thing. Everyone wants to, in some way improve their quality of life. They either want to heal themselves through telling their story and come to me for writing coaching or they want to improve their health and have heard about my "Get Results" health coaching program.

Companies frequently reach out to me for staff professional development and training as well as contracting opportunities around the topics of professional writing, education and self care/ health.

Whatever brought you here, I would love to be a part of your journey. Schedule an intro session below. 

**Currently all sessions are done online.

Schedule A Session

Writing Coaching 

My writing coaching program was designed to assist clients in advancing in the work environment by learning to write professionally, those who need to brush up on their skills to present their business professionally or complete school assignments and of course, new authors who want to create a best seller. Schedule a session to learn more. 

Health Coaching 

As a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I help clients to maintain their health while keeping up with day to day life. This includes time management to create space for self care, making healthier food choices based on what they like to eat, being more active in ways that they enjoy and doing more of what fulfills them and brings them peace and happiness. Schedule a session to learn more.

In the Community 

This company was established by and operates under Christian values and standards of integrity.