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I believe that the world needs your unique voice and I can help you to make sure that it is heard and that you reach the people connected to your very special gift! My writing coaching program was designed to help women with a story to create a best selling book that will be life changing for its audience while creating a whole new reality for the author, by positioning you for a successful writing career. 

Shannon Wilkerson is a best selling Author, John Maxwell certified International Speaker, Writing Coach,  and certified Holistic Wellness Coach.

Most Authors will only sell about 200 books in a lifetime. I sold 10x that amount in 10 months!!!

"Believe In Your Purpose: A Guide to Becoming A Purpose Driven Entrepreneur", was released in December of 2018. In 2019, I traveled to a different state every month to speak to audiences about the topics in my book. In the process, I sold over 2,000 copies in 10 months. That's 10x the average and I sold 704 more before reaching the one year anniversary of my book release! 

What's Holding You Back?

As a Holistic Wellness Coach, I can tell you that writing can be one of the most healing experiences in a person's life. How? Why? Writing your story can help you to release the emotions attached to your experiences and get to a healthy place. This is why I created my 90 day journaling course for people who may not necessarily want to create a book to be shared or aren't really sure yet if they want to. If you're on the fence about publishing your story, journaling may build your confidence and prepare you for creating your best seller and sharing your message!

Holistic Wellness Coaching

 & Book Purchases  

Are you an author or blogger struggling to make your mark? Join us for our annual Authors and Bloggers Profit event and get the tools needed to monetize your message and make a name for yourself. 

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Others Win!!

I want to help you win! The truth is that on your own, it is difficult for a new author to produce a good book and get it into the hands of the people who you set out to reach. Most people skip several steps and start their search looking for someone to edit and assist with self publishing. The thing is, you have to give that person something to work with! Your book has to already be good! Their job is to tweek it, not write your book. I have met so many authors over the years with a great message and a terrible book.  If your book cover isn't professionally done and eye catchy, your book may never get picked up and definitely not purchased. If your book is difficult to read because it doesn't have a nice flow or there are too many typos, readers will put it down and move on. If you don't choose the right words to make people keep reading, they wont. You can have the best message ever, and yet have an unsuccessful book because of these and other common mistakes. I have coached countless clients who were rewriting books previously published. Lets get it right the first time together!


I will also show you how to monetize 

your book in 10 different ways!

What You Get

4 High Level Personalized Coaching Calls

We will meet on Zoom once per week for 4 weeks. In these sessions, we will cover 

  • Cover design
  • Creating your title
  • Writing your book description 
  • Engaging the audience to keep them reading
  • Structuring your book to avoid writers block
  • Monetizing your book
  • Marketing 
  • Self Publishing

Private Facebook Group

I will create a group between you and I on a platform where you already are. On this group page, I will share additional helpful resources and motivation and answer your questions. Not on Facebook? No problem. We will do this by email. 

Written & Audio Lessons

80% of the content in this program is personalized. However, there is information shared that can apply to anyone embarking on a writing journey. Those things will be presented by written and audio lessons

All of this for just 2 payments of $249!!

I'm Ready Shanni!

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Believe In Your Purpose:

A Guide to Becoming a Successful Purpose- Driven Entrepreneur

Get the tips and tools shared during my coaching sessions in one book! Use this guide to identify your purpose and monetize it creating wealth for yourself and your family. 

Believe In Your Purpose

 Work Your Purpose

A Book of Reflection for Women Who Desire to Connect to their Purpose

I am honored to have partnered with Tomika Haynes, on this workbook project to walk you through a journey of self discovery that will lead you to your purpose and bless your life!  

Work Your Purpose

Get the ebook here

To My Girls

This anthology is a look at friendship from the perspective of 8 women. We discuss the common struggles that women face navigating friendships and the amazing bonds that we create along the way. 

In the Community 

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