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Wondering if they got the message?

Established motivational authors come to me to learn to implement strategies that will not only create a space for ongoing communication with their audiences, but also provide opportunities to monetize their books. 

Let's do the work!

Working with me

I only offer 1 coaching program. This has allowed me to perfect the flow and quality of the program offered and to maximize results for my clients. As a participant in strategy coaching with me, you will receive the benefit of 4 live video sessions, 2 prerecorded lessons, and email communication for 8 weeks. This program is $1997 and is for individuals, like you who are ready to be "all in" from day one to completion! It requires a 50% deposit with the balance due at the end of week 2.

Attract Your People 

Who are you writing to?  What is your message and who is your message for? A powerful message starts with a defined purpose. Gain clarity in your purpose to effectively attract your intended audience. 

Design Ongoing Engagement

Create a space for engaging your audience and increasing visibility on and off social media. 

Create Monetizing Strategies 

Whoever told you that the only thing of importance is to share your message. lied! Your book has created a platform. 

Use it to make money by creating a course, securing speaking engagements, coaching etc.

Have a great book that's not creating a buzz?

 Your messaging likely needs work!

Listen, it happens, especially if you didn't have a writing coach. The good news is, it's never too late to revamp your book description and content, even in a previously published book. Having a book review session with me can set you on the right track to success with your book. Following the book review, you may consider joining the full coaching program. You've worked too hard on this project to not get your message out there!

Authors and bloggers get ready!! The pandemic forced us to take a pause, but we're back at it in 2023! Stay tuned for details about our next gathering of creative minds. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work on their personal projects within coaching groups, participation will be limited to 25 authors and bloggers.